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TIRR and Texas Children's Named Top US Hospitals

MF&A Clients in US News & World Report's Best Hospitals

In June 2002, MF&A took on a new client - The Institute of Research and Rehabilitation (TIRR). According to TIRR, TIRR retained its top ranking in the recently released "America's Best Hospitals" in US News & World Report. For the past thirteen years, TIRR has topped the list and has obtained the number one spot for rehabilitation in the South for the last two years. MF&A hopes to make it a banner year for TIRR's direct mail fundraising efforts too.

Another long-time client of MF&A, Texas Children's Hospital, also made the top ten for pediatric hospitals. According to Texas Children's Hospital's website, "The hospital, the largest pediatric hospital in the nation, is also ranked the best pediatric hospital in the South and Southwest."Go to US News & World Report....

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Hobby Center Campaign a "Dramatic" Success

Hobby Center Raises $385,000
In May, Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston, TX exceeded a fundraising goal by more than $135,000 bringing the total of the direct mail campaign's proceeds to more $385,000. MF&A worked with the Hobby Center to finish the capital campaign with a mailing directed at new prospects. For more information on this successful fundraising effort, see The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts Case Study

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Postage Increases Affect NPO's

Postage Increase Affects Non-Profit Mailings
A postal increase slated for mid-June was recently announced by the USPS (Press Release). Non-profit organizations should adjust budgets to reflect the increase in non-profit mailing rates. Additionally, non-profits should prioritize clean demographic data for mailings, as each mailing will increase in cost. Go to chart...

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SJS Annual Fund Brochure

St.John's Annual Fund Brochure
MF&A just finished the brochures for the Annual Fund and Quadrangle Club of St.John's School, a premier educational institution in Houston, Texas. The brochures, coming out in September, will be sent out to over 8,500 students' families, alums, and teachers. The Annual Fund Campaign targets 1.7 million dollars for operating expenses of the school.

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